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Make Them Laugh with a Cartoon Illustration Artist in Chicago, IL

Art, especially when it’s in cartoon form, can bring a smile to anyone’s face, making it handy to have for all kinds of events. CHUCK SENTIES PRODUCTIONS Caricature & Illustration provides a wealth of art for any occasion. From gift pieces to art for publications, I’m here to bring color and humor directly to you any way you want it. As your cartoon illustration artist in Chicago, IL, I am dedicated to livening up your next gathering, PR event, or publication.

CHUCK SENTIES PRODUCTIONS Caricature & Illustration is headed by yours truly, an artist with a passion for and experience in caricature and cartoon illustration. I look forward to meeting your needs with an extensive list of capacities from caricatures for parties and celebrations and everything in between. You may also inquire about commissions for custom gift artwork as well as cover art, promotional material, and publications. I’m happy to draw you something fun for any purpose.

Caricatures and Humorous Illustrations for Any Occasion

I’m here to help you give your friends, colleagues, and family members a big reason to smile, one they can take with them and keep forever. As a long-time artist specializing in caricatures, I have the skills to create hilarious works that utilize proportions to comedic effect. You can see from the samples here on my site that each one is bright, colorful, and just the right amount of funny.

Feel free to commission me to create a portrait of a friend (or enemy) to give as a gift. Previous clients, which include big names such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and MSNBC, have hired me to create illustrations for going-away celebrations, birthdays, and special event commemorations. Whatever your situation may be, my creativity can match it. You may view a list of past clients and more customized illustrations here.


I Can Come to You

Although I’m based in Chicago, my funny illustrations are available all over the US and Canada. A look at my calendar will show you that I’ve traveled as far as Texas and Wisconsin to appear where my clients are. Even if your event is outside my home base, I can still be available to draw live caricatures for your guests’ delight. Just get in touch to let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll handle the rest.


Contact me with information about your inquiry or commission. I mostly work in Chicago, Illinois, but can provide services all over the US and Canada.

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