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Contact me at (224) 801-2828 or by email; here and here.

Caricature Artist

To contact me as a caricature artist for a party, event or tradeshow, my rates are $125.00/hr with a two-hour minimum. Ask about negotiating rates for events consisting of five or more hours.

My standard caricature takes about 5 minutes, b&w on 11" X 14" paper. A faster, simpler 2 min version on 8.5" X 11" is also available upon request. Couples, as well as groups of 3-6, may be drawn on one sheet of paper.

Caricature Artist in Chicago, IL
Bernie Bike Adventure

Group caricatures may be requested as well, based on the above hourly rate. The entire party is depicted on a large canvas or panel.

I supply all materials including paper, bags, drawing tools and lighting. I generally request a table and chairs if available; otherwise, I bring my own. An area near an electrical outlet is also desired for plugging in my lamp.

An agreement or contract is presented upon approval of the event. An invoice is presented after completion. There are no timelines for booking. I can be available one day or one year from the day of your event. It all depends on my schedule's availability.

Hope to work with you soon.

For studio work, prices vary depending on the request of the client. A black & white headshot starts at $50 and increases from there when illustrating the company staff together or a corporate gift caricature that includes a well-rendered color illustration with an elaborate background and theme.

Although I occasionally draw live clients at my studio, the preferred and convenient way for both parties is to submit clear and well-focused photo references via email. After a preliminary pencil sketch is presented for approval or changes, the final ink or color rendering is completed.

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