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When you’re looking for that unique birthday or Christmas gift, look no further. As a cartoonist in Chicago, IL, I have the talent to create caricatures for that special someone. These pieces are also a unique gift or prize for your next party or promotional event. It will set you apart from all the traditional gifts most people think of.

As a business, you can step out and be creative for those promotional materials or publications by having a one-of-a-kind caricature or cartoon. Sports teams can lighten up their image and offer handouts of their roster, even create types of collector cards. Your imagination only limits the possibilities for fundraisers. Contact me to commission creative materials for your business.

From Promotional Booklets to Book Publications

Whether you are designing a promotional booklet for your company or publishing your book, my cover art services are just what you need. I am a talented designer with extensive experience creating just this type of work. I’ve worked on projects like children’s book illustrations for Celebration Press books and City Limits Magazine.

The illustrations for things like editorial cartoons and The Gazette for items about Chicago socioeconomic topics. CHUCK SENTIES PRODUCTIONS Caricature & Illustration has also succeeded at many different types of scenarios including working for Taito as a layout artist for designs of their video game products.

No matter the request, I can create the perfect character or design for whatever your current project requires. From imaginative cartoon faces to caricatures of your favorite people, I can do it all. Reach out today, and I’ll be glad to answer any questions for you.

Contact my customized caricature and illustration company today to set up a consultation about your specialized project. I proudly serve Chicago, IL, and the surrounding area.

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