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Editorial Cartoons in Chicago, IL

Editorial Cartoon and Cover Art Clients in Chicago, IL

Get a customized editorial cartoon or caricature from Chuck Senties Productions Caricature & Illustration located in Chicago, IL. Chuck offers services nationwide, and across Canada.

PARODY PRODUCTIONS LLC: Over 40 decks of novelty playing card decks. Each 52 card set depicts the team's most notable players. Sets have included most MLB teams, golf's greatest, car racing stars, movie actors, African American heroes, etc.

  • TORTOISE CLUB RESTAURANT: Completed 10, 2' X 3' paintings of oil caricatures on canvas depicting colorful characters from Chicago's early 20th-century history.
  • PEPSICO & QUAKER OATS Company: Gift caricatures for various staff and executive members.
  • MCDONALDS CORPORATION: Gift caricature work.
  • BRITISH PETROLEUM: White board graphics for meeting presentation. 2011, 2014
  • KELLOGG'S: POP display illustration.
  • BEAM SUNTORY: Gift caricatures and personalized bottle label caricatures for members of the sales staff. 2015
  • CRAIN'S CHICAGO MAGAZINE: Cartoons and line art spot illustrations.
  • TAITO: Layout artist for designs of their video game products.
  • TV GUIA (Mexico's TV Guide): Splash page Illustrations.
  • GMAC: Gift caricatures.
  • WIND-AM: "La Tremenda" poster for radio station promotion.
  • CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Editorial cartoons in 2008.
  • GAG MAGAZINE: As a contributing artist for parody publication.
  • THE GAZETTE (University of Illinois Newspaper): Contributor to its monthly editorial cartoon, generally pertaining to Chicago socioeconomic topics.
  • SCOTT FORESMAN (Celebration Press books): Children's book Illustrations.
  • KAUAI DEPT. OF WATER: Brochure and ad campaign artwork.
  • MSNBC: AV Presentation caricature illustrations.
  • SARA LEE CORPORATION: Gift Caricatures.
  • VHI: Live caricature of Tia Carrere for Top Ten Countdown.
  • ANDES CANDIES: Layout art.
  • LEONA'S RESTAURANTS: Caricature and stylized portraits of manager & staff.
  • ERNST & YOUNG: Series of gift caricatures for retirement and relocation.

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